Wireless Nationalization and the Big Lie

In recent days we’ve seen an all-out push to defeat the phantom menace of wireless “nationalization.” Democrats in the House have called for investigations. Republicans in the Senate have pledged to defeat this evil, and introduced legislation intended to block it. Op-ed writers, analysts and plain old reporters have been deployed to oppose it. Think tanks, especially supposedly free-market think tanks, have issued broadsides against the red menace redux.

But here’s the thing — it’s all based on a lie. There is no secret plot to nationalize 5G. We — Rivada Networks and me personally — strongly oppose nationalization. Of anything.

We are not seeking handouts from the government. Or free spectrum. Or to seize the assets of private industry. Or to have taxpayers pay for, subsidize, own or control America’s wireless networks.

None of it is true.

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