Rivada Space Networks Joins Astra Carta Initiative for Global Space Sustainability

Rivada Space Networks has joined the #Astra Carta initiative to accelerate space sustainability. Launched by the Sustainable Markets organization, Astra Carta brings to reality a vision for space sustainability outlined by His Majesty King Charles III, when he was the Prince of Wales, at the UK Government’s Summit for Space Sustainability in 2022.

Following the Global Leaders on Space Sustainability Symposium held in London this week, Ann Vandenbroucke, Chief Regulatory Officer at Rivada Space Networks, attended the ceremony at Buckingham Palace where His Majesty King Charles III unveiled the Astra Carta seal to mark the launch of the Sustainable Markets Initiative Astra Carta framework, accelerating space sustainability efforts and goals.

“Rivada Space Networks is proud to be a signatory of the Astra Carta principles. We are committed to holistic space sustainability – from design to operation,” Vandenbroucke said. “We are already working with OKAPI:Orbits to provide our constellations with satellite mission-analysis tools and collision avoidance and de-orbiting strategies, demonstrating our commitment to using space responsibly and applying the highest standards in terms of space sustainability and debris mitigation. We welcome this initiative and look forward to working together globally to bring this vision for space sustainability to reality.”

With technological progress increasing accessibility and unlocking new use cases, particularly in low earth orbit (LEO), space sustainability is becoming increasingly important to avoid damage to key space infrastructure and to ensure we continue to enjoy the enormous potential of space here on earth.

Rivada Space Networks will soon be launching a first-of-its-kind LEO constellation, which will offer access to a secure satellite network with pole-to-pole reach, with end-to-end latencies similar to or better than terrestrial fiber. Rivada’s unique system architecture creates the first true “OuterNET” by combining inter-satellite laser links with advanced onboard data routers to create a global mesh network in space. It will deliver ultra-secure and highly reliable global connectivity for business operations in the telecom, enterprise, maritime, energy and government services markets. The first satellite launch is set for 2025, with global service starting in 2026.

Declan Ganley, CEO, Rivada Space Networks, said: “We are building something unique in low earth orbit, the OuterNET: the first truly private global network on which data travels through space alone to provide ultra secure, highly reliable low latency communications anywhere on the globe.” He added: “We will continue to work very closely with the global space community to ensure the responsible use of space and the success of this ground-breaking satellite constellation.”

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