Rivada Networks Expands Patent Portfolio With a Range of Technological Advancement

The patents granted relate primarily to Rivada’s signature “Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage (DSA)” technology. DSA enables instant prioritization for users on a mobile network, ensuring that prioritized users are granted first access to a network’s bandwidth during times of crisis or high congestion. The technology underpins Rivada’s offering to public safety agencies by enabling first responders to be given absolute priority to bandwidth during times of emergency.

An additional patent supplements Rivada’s additional location based service technology portfolio. Rivada’s E-LBS technology enables location tracking by allowing devices to triangulate their location relative to other devices, or to fixed landmarks. This enables a location to be identified in three dimensions rather than two.

The patents granted are:

  • US Patent 14/961,088: “Method and System for providing Enhanced Location Based Service (ELBS) Trilateration using a single device”
  • Mexican Patent 340327: “Methods and Systems for Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage”
  • Australian Patent 2014218801: “Methods and Systems for Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage, Congestion Management”
  • Australian Patent 20160604: “Methods and Systems for Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage – Adaptive QOS arbitrage”
  • Australian Patent 20160614: “Methods and Systems for Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage (Multi Diverse RAN)”
  • Australian Patent 20160623: “Methods and Systems for Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage – DSC portion of Grid”
  • Australian Patent 20160616: “Methods and Systems for Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage – DSC portion of DSA”
  • Australian Patent 20160923: “Methods and Systems for Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage”

Responding to the patent awards, Rivada Networks Chief Scientist Clint Smith said:

“I am pleased by the award of these new patents, which will supplement our existing library of intellectual property. Each one of these awards individually represents the hard work and effort of our research and technology team, as they continue their tireless efforts to imagine and shape the future of our mobile world.” He added: “The potential for this technology to significantly improve the performance of emergency communications systems is great, and I am excited to see our portfolio continue to grow and develop in the years to come.”

Rivada Networks Executive Chairman and Co-CEO Declan Ganley said:

“Clint Smith and his team deserve immense credit for the many years of work that have gone into developing these technologies and nurturing their potential. As Rivada Networks continues to work to improve the service available to public safety officials and first responders around the world, these patents serve as a reminder of our commitment to innovation and invention. What Clint and his team have accomplished over the years is the foundation stone on which the success of this company, and our mission, is built. Rivada Networks will never waver in its commitment to continued technological development and invention.”

Rivada Networks is a market leader in the provision of interoperable communications networks. It currently provides advanced communications solutions to the Public Safety community, as well as communications solutions to first responders in the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters, and terrorist threats.

Rivada Networks’ customers include a diverse range of federal, state, and local agencies in the United States, including U.S. Northern Command, the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the National Guard Bureau. Rivada Networks has provided communications solutions to almost every major disaster and civil emergency in the United States of America since 9/11.

This article first appeared on BusinessWire

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