Rivada Networks Hires Conor Allen as Head of Market Technology

Rivada Networks, LLC is pleased to announce that Conor Allen has joined the firm as Senior Vice President and Head of Market Technology. New York based Allen previously served as Global Head of Core Engineering and R&D at NYSE Technologies, Director of Options Trading Strategy at Cowen & Co., and before that as Director of R&D at Wombat Financial Software.

“Conor’s exceptionally deep knowledge of the technology behind today’s electronically traded financial markets,” CEO Declan Ganley says, “is a tremendous asset to Rivada as we prepare to roll out the world’s first Open Access Wireless Markets in, among other places, the U.S. and Mexico.”

Rivada’s Open Access Wireless Market, in combination with its patented Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage (DSA) technology, for the first time enables 4G mobile network capacity to be bought and sold in real time and in response to market demand. “Bandwidth at 4am is not worth the same as bandwidth at 4pm. Our market will establish the true price of bandwidth at a particular place and time. DSA enables us to effect its ‘physical’ delivery. Allowing bandwidth to be priced by the market will in turn foster innovation, higher utilization and promote economic growth,” Allen says. “Our technology and marketplace democratizes access to this vital national resource, underpins the IoT revolution and helps to match exploding demand with available supply,” Allen adds.

“Wireless bandwidth is the world’s next great commodity,” Ganley says, “and there’s no one better than Conor Allen to ensure that it trades on the world’s best technology platform.”

Article via BusinessWire

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