Rivada Networks Secures Patent for Multi-Network Wireless Communication

NEW YORK, Sep 10, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Continuing its recent string of patent wins, Rivada Networks announced its 13th patent allowance related to its Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage technology.

Rivada’s latest patent describes a method for allocating wireless resources across two or more networks simultaneously. So, for example, a wireless carrier using Rivada’s newest invention could route a customer’s voice calls over its own network, while leasing capacity on a different network to allow that same customer to stream video content, or download a large file.

By allowing mobile phones to use two or more radio access networks simultaneously, Rivada’s innovation will bring consumers faster connections, while helping operators better manage their network resources.

According to Rivada Chief Technology Officer Clint Smith, “This innovation,” called Multi-RAN Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage, “gives carriers more flexibility in network management, while giving the end user a whole host of new capabilities.”

Rivada’s core technology, Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage, allows the near-real-time buying and selling of cellular-network capacity. A carrier—or other business—could thus buy wireless bandwidth in a specific location at a specific time: Rush hours in midtown Manhattan on weekdays, for example. The buyer is then free to make that purchased capacity available to their customers in the allotted time and space.

A wireless carrier could use that extra capacity to keep its customers happy, or to sell it as a premium service at times of congestion. But equally, a non-carrier purchaser, such as a smartphone manufacturer or a video-streaming company, could buy capacity directly for their users, bypassing the need to go through the mobile network operators to reach their own customers.

Multi-RAN DSA will allow either sort of buyer to spread its customers’ usage across more than one network, ensuring the best possible user experience. All of this is done without the user even needing to be aware that it is happening.

“Demand for wireless bandwidth is exploding,” said Rivada CEO Declan Ganley. “More and more, we will need tools for managing network capacity dynamically and intelligently.” He added: “Rivada continues to lead the way in this vital area. Multi-RAN DSA is just the latest of several important innovations in Rivada’s development pipeline.”

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