Rivada Patents System for Delivering Advertisements via an Open Access Wireless Platform

Rivada’s Open Access Wireless system dynamically manages the availability, allocation, access, and use of telecommunication resources, such as radio frequency (RF) spectrum and RF spectrum resources, between two or more communication networks.

Today, March 27, 2018, the USPTO awarded Rivada U.S. Patent No.: 9,930,536, which protects Rivada’s cutting edge solution that leverages the wealth of information that is exchanged in the networks that use or benefit from Open Access Wireless system in order to deliver advertisements to wireless device users.

The Open Access Wireless system allows a cellular network provider to monitor where, when, and how many of its users, subscribers, or customers are using its network, the specific resources that are allocated to service those customers, and other similar factors or conditions. Rivada’s patented controllers can use this and other information (e.g., a wireless device’s location within a cell or a city block, etc.) for improved mobile advertising, to create or improve wireless device advertising markets, to generate additional revenue for those who sell advertisement space, and to more efficiently deliver advertisements to mobile device users within a highly focused geographic area (e.g., devices that are less than two city blocks away from a pizzeria, etc.).

Rivada’s system also allows networks that lease resources to pay for the use of the leased resources by authorizing the delivery of advertisements to wireless devices that use the leased resources.

In addition, Rivada’s system allows companies that wish to promote an advertisement to purchase or bid on an “ad lease” for the right to place their advertisements on the wireless devices that are located in a particular geographic zone for a limited time. The advertising lease may be purchased through a telecommunications exchange in which an advertiser obtains the right to advertise in a certain area and/or for a limited part of the day.

Rivada Networks is a leading designer, integrator and operator of wireless, interoperable communications networks. Its patented technology creates more efficient utilization of LTE networks, enabling new business models for commercial wireless services (i.e., wholesale, machine-to-machine, Internet of Things, etc.).


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