Rivada Space Networks launches new low earth orbit constellation at Satellite 2022

Satellite and terrestrial communications converge in innovative connectivity network


  • Rivada Space Networks to launch a constellation of 600 ultra-secure, networked low-earth orbit satellites
  • Constellation deployment starts in 2024 with full constellation deployment expected by mid-2028
  • Unique network combines satellite and terrestrial capabilities for ultra-low latency, high speeds, unparalleled security and true global coverage
  • Telecom, Enterprise, Maritime, Energy and Government Services markets

Washington DC, 21st March 2022 — Rivada Space Networks GmbH, a disruptive new company launching a constellation of 600 low-earth-orbit communications satellites, is participating at Satellite 2022 in Washington, DC. The Rivada Networks team will be outlining the company’s game-changing system with all its advantages for enterprise data communications.

Rivada Space Networks was established by U.S. wireless communications innovator Rivada Networks. Recognizing that the business world is increasingly data-driven, cloud-based and cybersecurity conscious and that existing systems do not and cannot meet these needs, wireless technology entrepreneur Declan Ganley formed Rivada Space Networks to deliver a unique solution for secure, global, end-to-end enterprise and government connectivity – responding to specific customer needs that are not being met by today’s technology.

For the first time, Rivada Space Networks will offer access to secure satellite networks with pole-to-pole reach, offering end-to-end latencies similar or better than terrestrial fiber. The Rivada network will operate like an optical backbone in space using lasers to interconnect satellites to deliver an ultra-secure and highly reliable global data network for business operations in the telecom, enterprise, maritime, energy and government services markets.
The constellation’s unique architecture, high speed and low latency, combined with Rivada’s dynamic pricing and open access technology, will also make it possible to bring internet access to remote and underserved areas where no backhaul is currently available.

Rivada Space Networks will leverage the unique terrestrial wireless technologies of parent company Rivada Networks Inc. to optimize network utilization and facilitate the buying and selling of broadband capacity. The company’s patented technologies including Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage and Open Access platform will enable efficient use of spectrum and provide customers with ultimate flexibility.

Rivada Space Networks Founder Declan Ganley said:

“Our goal is to leverage the unique strengths of low-latency satellite communication to provide an enterprise-grade on demand experience anywhere in the world from any platform. Rivada Space Networks will not only provide a competitive advantage, it will help to expand these markets by enabling new opportunities through previously unavailable levels of performance combined with global reach. When wireless technologies converge with satellite over a single, highly secure network – you are going to get the best of both worlds.”

Based in Germany, Rivada Space Networks is rapidly moving forward with procurement of a low-earth-orbit network of 600 Ka-band communications satellites. The company is currently undertaking an RFI with major satellite manufacturers to finalize the system design and manufacturing plan, paving the way for the production and deployment of the entire constellation.

Rivada Space Networks representatives will be at Satellite 2022 in Washington DC from 21-24 March. To arrange an interview, please contact Melanie Dickie. Email: [email protected]

About Rivada Space Networks
Rivada Space Networks GmbH is a disruptive new company set to establish and operate the first truly global low latency point-to-point connectivity network of LEO satellites. By connecting its satellites with lasers, Rivada Space Networks will provide resellers and B2B customers with the ability to securely connect any two points on the globe with low latency and high bandwidth. The constellation of 600 low-earth-orbit communications satellites will represent a fundamental change in the availability of secure, global, end-to-end enterprise-grade connectivity for Telecom, Enterprise, Maritime, Energy and Government Services markets.

About Rivada Networks, Inc.
Rivada Networks, Inc. is a U.S.-based private wireless technology company that transforms telecom networks into open access marketplaces. Founded by Declan Ganley, Rivada Networks, Inc. is active across North and South America as well as Europe. Rivada holds a multitude of patents relating to spectrum sharing, digital spectrum arbitrage, prioritized messaging, open access services and other wireless communications technologies. For more information: www.rivada.com
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