Tekniam Partners with Rivada for Emergency Communications & Disaster Recovery

Tekniam, a US based company providing emergency connectivity for disaster response and recovery, is partnering with Rivada Space Networks to use The OuterNET to provide a resilient and easy to deploy network that saves lives and livelihoods when normal communications fail.

Natural and man-made disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires or conflict can wipe out telecommunications. Loss of power can severely impact communications infrastructure including microwave towers, fiber optic networks and routers that can then take days, weeks or months to rebuild. And first responders like fire, police, paramedics and aid organizations need reliable communication capabilities once they are in the field during fast-changing conditions. Even when not physically damaged by the disaster itself, existing communication channels are frequently overwhelmed by users.

And when a disaster strikes, time matters. Tekniam’s Remote Universal Communication System (RUCS) is a compact, easily transportable and fast to deploy emergency wireless network solution designed to provide essential connectivity for rapid and secure communications so that relief personnel can remain connected, and businesses can get back up and running before Internet is even restored.

Rivada’s global low-latency point-to-point connectivity network of 600 low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, the “OuterNET,” is a unique next-generation architecture combing inter-satellite laser links with advanced onboard processing that provide unique routing and switching capabilities to create an optical mesh network in space. This approach to “orbital networking,” in which data stays in space from origin to destination, creates an ultra-secure satellite network with pole-to-pole coverage, offering end-to-end latencies much lower than terrestrial fiber over similar long distances. And by routing traffic on a physically separated network, it provides a layer of defense for any organization that needs to securely share data between widely distributed sites.

Tekniam will harness the OuterNET where Rivada’s secure, high speed and reliable optical satellite network will be available anywhere on earth, ensuring emergency communications can be deployed and operational in minutes. Tekniam’s RUCS compact terminal establishes a hot-spot and all that is required is a clear line of sight to the satellite and the ability to precisely direct the dish. Compact equipment can be hand carried to locations and solar powered for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Rivada’s OuterNET is also particularly well suited for the low latency and secure connectivity required to support disaster recovery. When networks go down so do credit card payments, business-to customer communications, access to cloud data and more until connections are restored. By using Rivada’s OuterNET, Tekniam can provide an emergency network for businesses to get back on their feet and fully function to prevent major business interruptions.

Tekniam CEO, Andrew Heaton said: “Tekniam’s RUCS is a cutting-edge last mile solution for emergency disaster response, military, and business recovery, and we are very excited to leverage Rivada’s next-generation satellite connectivity to take our service to a whole new level. The OuterNET is a fully interconnected orbital network which effectively serves as our own private network in space, capable of routing traffic at gigabit speeds from one satellite to another with no need for a gateway on earth. For our solutions, that really matters not just for speed and security but for coverage too”.

Declan Ganley, CEO, Rivada Space Networks, said: “We are delighted to be supporting Tekniam’s new remote universal communication system (RUCS).  Rivada Networks has previously provided award-winning emergency communication services in the US to customers including the National Guard and leading police forces”. Ganley added: “Now with a completely new type of LEO constellation, The OuterNET allows satellites to go beyond their traditional role of ‘gap-filler and our fully inter-connected space network, independent of terrestrial infrastructure, is rapidly becoming the network of choice for resilient and secure communications.”

Rivada’s OuterNET will solve essential connectivity and networking challenges and open up new opportunities for business communications globally. The first satellite launch is set for 2025, with global service starting in 2026.

About Rivada Space Networks

Rivada Space Networks GmbH is deploying the first true “OuterNET”: a global low latency point-to-point connectivity network of LEO satellites. By connecting its satellites with lasers, Rivada Space Networks will provide resellers and B2B customers with the ability to securely connect any two points on the globe with low latency and high bandwidth. The constellations, comprising 600 low-earth-orbit communications satellites, will represent a fundamental change in the availability of secure, global, end-to-end enterprise-grade connectivity for Telecom, Enterprise, Maritime, Energy and Government Services markets. Rivada Space Networks is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rivada Networks, Inc. www.rivadaspace.com

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About Tekniam

Tekniam was founded in 2021 to bring connectivity to the most remote locations in the world. Born out of a partnership with GBA, an engineering, architectural, construction, and technology firm, Tekniam provides advanced portable, scalable, and secure telecommunications solutions for First Responders, NGOs, Governments, and more. Tekniam is headquartered in Denver, CO and has domestic offices in Lenexa, KS and Charlotte, NC.

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