Welcome to the OuterNET™: Rivada Launches New Brand for New Era of Communications



“Rivada’s low-earth-orbit constellation, the OuterNET™, will be the world’s first single, global, ubiquitous communications network,” said Declan Ganley, CEO. “True global wireless connectivity will be possible for the first time. Our new look reflects the new era that the OuterNET™ will help usher in.”

Rivada’s LEO constellation of 600 satellites will feature global coverage and end-to-end intersatellite laser links, creating a single global mesh network in space. The OuterNET™ uses Rivada’s high-priority Ka Band filings for ground-to-space communications, while each satellite is equipped with four high-speed optical intersatellite links and advanced routers, so our customers’ data can travel from origin to destination entirely within our network. This system architecture allows for unprecedented security, speed, and low latency, regardless of location or distance.

“The OuterNET™ will change our understanding of what’s possible in communications,” Ganley said.

Rivada’s new brand reflects the elegant design of a global constellation in which every satellite is moving synchronously from pole to pole, enabling constant communication with its neighbors and allowing for resilient, multipath communication within our revolutionary orbital network.

“The OuterNET™ incorporates the latest advances in satellite-communications technology into a harmonious whole,” said Chief Program Officer Clemens Kaiser. “Phased-array antennas and high-speed modems permit reliable digital communications between the ground and fast-moving LEO satellites. Optical intersatellite links permit long-distance communication across the constellation. And advanced on-board processors and routers allow for continuous, real-time traffic management across the full network.”

Taken together, these elements allow Rivada to effectively lift the network core into space. Our new call to action, “Rise Above,” reflects this innovation, as the OuterNET™ allows our customers to rise above the clutter, hazards and risks of sending sensitive data over the public internet.

“With the OuterNET™, our customers can connect everywhere they want to, without being ‘connected’ anywhere or to anyone you don’t want to be,” Ganley said. The OuterNET™ is being built from the ground up to serve enterprise and government customers needing MEF-compliant fixed or mobile connectivity. “This is not a constellation built for consumer broadband,” CPO Kaiser said. “The OuterNET™ is a complete, enterprise-grade connectivity solution for the most-demanding customers in the world.”

For more information on Rivada, the OuterNET™, or our new brand, reach out today. And get ready to Rise Above.


Rivada Space Networks representatives will be at Satellite 2024 in Washington DC in the West Overlook Room from 18-21 March,2024. To arrange an interview, please contact Melanie Dickie at [email protected]

For more information on the OuterNET™, hear Declan Ganley discuss The Future of LEO/MEO Constellations: Connectivity Beyond Borders on Wednesday 20th March at 1:45pm in room 147 and Ronald van der Breggen outlining The Advantages of Digital First SD-WAN Implementation on Wednesday 20th March at 1:45pm in room 146C.

About the OuterNET™ :
Rivada’s global low-latency point-to-point network of 600 low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, the “OuterNET,” is a unique next-generation constellation combing inter-satellite laser links with advanced onboard processing that provide unique routing and switching capabilities, to create an optical mesh network in space. This “orbital network,” in which data stays in space from origin to destination, creates an ultra-secure satellite network with pole-to-pole coverage, offering end-to-end latencies much lower than terrestrial fiber over similar long distances. And by routing traffic on a physically separated network, it provides a layer of defense for any organization that needs to securely share data between widely distributed sites. It will represent a fundamental change in the availability of secure, global, end-to-end enterprise-grade connectivity for Telecoms, Enterprise, Maritime, Energy and Government Services markets. The first satellite launch is set for 2025, with global service starting in 2026. Rivada Space Networks is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rivada Networks, Inc.  www.rivadaspace.com

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